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How to Get Better Grades in Middle School

How to Get Better Grades in Middle School

Most students hate going to school because of the pressure of getting good grades. This can start as early as elementary school and continue through middle and high school. The competition to be the best is fierce, and it seems like everyone else has it easy. But what if there was a way to get better grades in middle school without all the stress? In this blog post, we will outline a few tips that may help you achieve just that!

How to get better grades in middle school

#1. Be Organized:

One of the best ways to get better grades in middle school – and throughout your academic career – is to be organized. One example of this is using the planner that you are given at the beginning of every year. If you keep track of what assignments you have due on each day, it becomes easier…

#2. Pay More attention in class:

Another tip to get better grades in middle school is to pay more attention in class. This can be difficult because you might feel like the teachers drone on and on forever, but there are some things that you can do to make this process easier. For example, you could use our blog post summaries of your textbooks after every chapter. This way, you don’t have to re-read the text in its entirety when it comes time for exams.

#3. Ask for Help:

Asking for help is another way to get better grades in middle school. Now that you are older, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about asking your teachers questions when you don’t completely understand something. Perhaps they will even give you and your classmates extra credit if you ask really good questions.

#4. Get a tutor:

Tutors can be helpful for students who struggle with the material they learn in school, so consider getting one if you think it could help you with your grades! If this isn’t an option financially as well, you might have to get creative. Remember that your friends are always a good resource!

#5. Make study goals:

Making goals for yourself is another way to get better grades in middle school. You can use this method to improve anything from your grades on one specific subject, all the way up to making sure that you do well every school year. It’s a great way to measure your academic success and progress, but remember that you should set small goals that allow you to achieve them quickly!

#6. Sleep well:

Another thing you can do to get better grades in middle school is to make sure that you get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation makes it really difficult to focus and can impact your memory, so try not to stay up late on a regular basis!

#7. Get involved:

One of the best ways to get better grades in middle school – and in life – is to get involved. If you are having trouble finding something to do, look around the school for opportunities. There are usually tons of clubs that are always looking for new members!

#8. Come Prepared:

Make sure you come prepared when it comes time for a test or an exam. Bring extra pencils, plenty of paper, and your calculator if you need it. Sometimes this seems like a lot to remember when there are other things on your mind at school, but preparing in advance will make the test-taking process go much more smoothly.

#9. Don’t Stress:

One of the best tips we can offer for getting better grades in middle school is to not stress. If you are stressed, it becomes really difficult for your brain to work at its full capacity and you could end up blowing a test or study session completely! Hopefully these tips will help you get better grades in middle school – good luck!

#10. Exercise and eat well:

The other tip is to exercise and eat well.  Exercise boosts your brain’s capacity, especially when it comes to things like focus. When you are exercising regularly, it also becomes easier for your body to release the chemicals that encourage happiness and relaxation! So if you want good grades in middle school AND a healthy life, this is the best option.

#11. Join extracurricular activities:

Join extracurricular activities to learn new skills that can help you in school! It might seem counter-intuitive, but when you are learning something new, your brain releases dopamine in response to this. This chemical helps release your memory of the information in a time-release way, which will make it easier for you to remember everything you learn in school.

#12. Study Smarter, Not Harder:

One of the best tips for getting better grades in middle school is to study smarter, not harder! Studying in concentrated blocks of time, rather than re-reading your text book or doing old assignments over and over again can be really helpful when it comes time for an exam.

#13. Ask Questions:

Before you start studying for a big test, make sure that you ask your teacher questions about what will be on it! Even if the information seems obvious to you now, asking simple questions like this can refresh your memory and help you remember more details in the long-run.

#14. Keep up your grades:

Remember that one of the best tips for getting better grades in middle school is just to keep them high! It’s really important that you keep your grades up so that you can ensure your academic success and have good options after graduation, whether it’s college or other opportunities.

#15. Start early!:

The last tip we can offer for getting better grades in middle school is to start early! If you figure out what your test or assignment will be so soon after it’s assigned, you’ll have more time to read up on any necessary information and get enough sleep before the big day.

More tips on How to get better grades in middle school

1.) First of all, try and keep track of assignments that you have coming due every day. That way, when it comes time to study for exams, you can easily recall what you need to know if you just take a couple minutes each morning to pop open a doc and make a list. Just to warn you, don’t regularly check your assignment list every day because if you do, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure.

2.) Set time to study regularly. In other words, before that next big test comes around, block off a certain amount of time everyday where you can focus on nothing but studying and doing the work you need to do. This is an excellent time to use some of those study techniques that your teacher taught you during class or maybe just go over those notes one more time.

3.) Study as a group! Another helpful tip for getting better grades in middle school is studying as a group. Especially with tests, thinking about how you can answer a question with other people is an excellent way to think through the logic behind your answers. If studying together isn’t your thing, find another set of friends who are also looking for tips on how to get better grades in middle school and study as a group!

4.) Try not to cram. For many students, this is the most helpful tip on how to get better grades in middle school. The reason is that while some students can pull off great grades through all-nighters, not everyone’s brain works that way. In fact, it might be more helpful for you to get ahead on your work early and then just review everything one more time before test day.

5.) Get organized. Now, this might seem like an odd tip on how to get better grades in middle school, but trust us when we say that it works! When you are able to physically see all of your notes and assignments neatly together in one place, you’ll be able to study much more efficiently since everything will be where it should be.

6.) Try and start studying for tests early. Again, this is another tip on how to get better grades in middle school that simply involves you doing things before it’s too late. The perfect time to pop open your notes and review all the essential material would be at least a day or two before test day. That way, if you find you forgot something, you can always go back and review it.

7.) Take breaks. Remember that nobody’s brain works at 100% all of the time. That’s why sometimes, even if you want to study for hours on end, it might actually be better for your grades to take a quick break every 10 minutes or so. Not only does this keep you from burning out, but it actually allows your brain to think about what you just studied.

8.) Don’t get anxious. If you are feeling anxious or unsettled about a test that’s coming up or even about other tests in general, try and realize that you have the power to control your anxiety level. For example, you can take a deep breath and quickly remind yourself that taking a test isn’t the end of the world. Or maybe you need to avoid thinking about studying for tests by watching TV so your mind doesn’t wander back to what needs to be done.

9.) Afterschool plan ahead:

It is not easy being a teenager, but there are definitely some ways to make it easier on yourself. For example, have a plan for after school even if your parents aren’t expecting you home for a bit. This might mean picking up some food from the store or doing an extra chore or two that corresponds with whatever activity you wish to do at night.

10.) Become familiar with the teachers that will be teaching you next year. If you’re reading this and in middle school, then congrats! You’re one step ahead of everyone else. If you’ve managed to do this though, it means that when the time comes for teachers to switch out and so on, you’ll know who your new teachers are before anyone else. Potentially better grades? Maybe.

11.) Check out the school’s advisory period. If your school offers an advisory period after lunch, take advantage of it! You can talk to a teacher about what kind of classes you want to take all the way up until senior year of high school and they will help guide you on how to get into these classes. You can also ask for their help on how to get better grades in middle school.

12.) Ask for help when you need it. While some students might feel embarrassed asking for help, there is absolutely no reason to be ashamed! Teachers want you to succeed and so do your parents. That’s why they are always willing to lend a hand and help you with anything that might be giving you trouble.

13.) Look into the school’s tutoring program:

If there is a tutoring program offered at your school, look into it! Many schools offer free tutoring after hours and on weekends which means you can get assistance on any class whenever you feel like you need it. This is great for studying for tests since you can get help whenever.

14.) Seek out other sources of assistance. While your parents are always willing to help, it’s possible that they might not have the time to do so. That’s why it might be a good idea to go online and look into whatever subject(s) that may need assistance. YouTube is a great source for video tutorials on everything from biology to Korean, and there’s a website out there specifically made to help students.

15.) Read over your notes even if the test won’t be open book. Even though some tests might not allow you to use your notes at all, it doesn’t hurt to read them again before the big day. It might help jog your memory about something you don’t remember since the last time you studied, or it can show you an easier way to get a question done. Either way, having this extra information is never a bad thing!

16.) Make flashcards for anything that needs memorization. You’ve probably seen these before but if you haven’t, they’re a great way to study and easily memorize information. You can do this for any subject and even if your teacher doesn’t allow them in the classroom, it’s still possible to bring them with you and use them during your spare time.

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