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Teaching Reading: Quickstart Guide for Parents and Caregivers

Everything you need to start teaching reading effectively (even to students with dyslexia!)

Reading is a vital skill that prepares students for success in school and in life. Whether you’re a teacher or a caregiver, this course will prepare you to teach reading effectively to any student– including students who are learning English or who have learning differences like dyslexia.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How reading develops in children, according to recent research

  • How learning differences impact reading (and what you can do to support struggling students)

  • How to make instruction “stick” with a multisensory, structured approach (also called the Orton-Gillingham approach)

  • How to give students a solid foundation with phonological awareness and phonics

  • How to make reading more fun by building fluency

  • How to improve students’ vocabulary and comprehension (even if English is not their first language)

You will be able to download resources to help you hit the ground running as you begin teaching reading for the first time, or as you adjust your instruction to support more students.